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Dedicated Santa Clara County, CA Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer

Looking for a personal injury lawyer who will maximize your compensation? The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. will fight to get the most out of your claim.

Being involved in an accident or suffering an injury can cause a lot of turmoil in your life. In addition to needing medical treatment, you may have damage to your property. You may be worried about when you will be able to return to work or how you will pay your bills.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can take some of the weight off your shoulders. With their help, you won’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. You can focus on your recovery while your attorney takes care of the legal issues.

At The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C., we pride ourselves on making sure our clients receive fair results. Founding attorney Lou Beary has been trusted by the Santa Clara County, CA community for more than 30 years. As a result, he has the legal knowledge and experience needed to handle your case.

We believe that no one should have to deal with the aftermath of an injury alone. We are here to listen to your unique circumstances and goals so that we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Why Consulting With A Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer Is Important

Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer, Santa Clara County, CA Even the most straight forward personal injury case requires many legal considerations. There is no way to be sure that you’re getting the best possible outcome without having a personal injury compensation lawyer review your case. A qualified personal injury lawyer will analyze issues such as:
  • Causes of action (the legal basis for suing)
  • Statute of limitations (the deadline to file a claim)
  • Who to sue
  • Damages
  • How much money to sue for
  • What county to file the case in
  • Whether insurance covers your damages
  • Evidence (the proof needed to win your case
The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. represent Santa Clara County, CA clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases. We thoroughly evaluate each case to determine the best legal strategy.

Settling A Personal Injury Claim Out Of Court

Personal injury cases can often be settled out of court. If you were injured in a car accident or on someone else’s property, your damages may be covered by insurance. Insurance companies prefer to settle in most cases because it is cheaper than litigating the case in court. Dealing with an insurance company alone can be tricky. They may deny your claim or offer less money than you deserve. They may even act in bad faithing knowing that you have no legal knowledge.

Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer, Santa Clara County, CA By working with a personal injury settlement attorney, you can take control of your settlement negotiations. After thoroughly reviewing your case, your attorney can estimate how much money you should be entitled to. If your settlement offer is unfair, your attorney can make a counteroffer. Sometimes a settlement agreement can’t be reached. If this happens, a personal injury lawyer can explore other legal options. It may be possible to avoid litigation by engaging in an alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation. If necessary, your attorney can present evidence in court and argue for a jury to award you the compensation you deserve.

The Law Offices Of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. – Your Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm

Your search for a personal injury lawyer near me is over. Get the compensation you deserve by working with our skilled personal injury lawyer. Attorney Lou Beary has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for personal injury victims over the 30+ years he’s been practicing law. He founded The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. on the premise that every person deserves fair compensation for their injuries. He has a track record of challenging unjust settlement offers and will do the same for you! If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Santa Clara County, CA who will fight to protect your rights call us today! The initial consultation is free and there is no cost for our services unless we recover money in your case. Contact us today at (844) 777-1434 to get started with an initial consultation!

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