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Jade Mann (Case Manager)

Jade Mann – Dedicated California Case ManagerJade Mann is a Case Manager at the Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. She has worked in the legal field since 2010 in various states including Florida, Hawaii, and California. With approximately 13 years of experience Jade knows the ins and outs of personal injury and knows how to get top value settlements.

Jade takes the time to get to know her clients on a personal level to tell their story. She sees it as her privilege to assist her clients in every step of the laborious process. Jade makes it her mission to advocate daily for her clients and makes sure they are not being taken advantage of by insurance companies.

On her private time, Jade enjoys riding her motorcycle, jet skiing, boating, and spending time with her family.

Navigating the complexities of transportation accidents and
personal injury cases with the expertise of Lou Beary.

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