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Have you been injured in an accident and need a personal injury attorney? Call us today!

It takes a strong-willed individual to pursue remedy after pain and suffering. Many people try to brush off their ailments and resume their lives as quickly as possible. Often, individuals may feel too embarrassed to seek assistance from someone or admit that they’ve been hurt.

With over 30 years of experience, The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. has extensive knowledge of personal injury litigation. Serving San Francisco County, CA, our firm is dedicated to helping you get the justice you deserve.

While assessing the proper course of action can be difficult, it can be done with the right legal team behind you. We stand with our clients who have suffered from personal injury and are seeking recovery. Our level of support and guidance in obtaining a settlement for you is unmatched!

What Kind Of Information Will Help My Personal Injury Case?

Carefully observing your surroundings can reduce the risk of personal injury. San Francisco County, CA, is a very populated area. Staying alert whenever you are not in your residence can often prevent serious injury, thus curtailing the need to initiate a personal injury case.

Typically, your personal injury case starts the moment you are injured. There will be details regarding when, where, and how the injury occurred.

Personal Injury Lawyer, San Francisco County, CA

If you sustain injuries on someone’s premises, you’ll want to alert the premises owner and keep a note of specifics. If it was a commercial area, you should still let at least the manager or whoever is in charge know that there has been an incident.

There are a few observations you’ll want to take note of, such as:

  • Time of day of the incident
  • Clothing worn
  • Overall condition of establishment (run down, tripping hazards, dim lighting, etc.)
  • Specific location of your incident
  • Specific condition of the incident site (signs or no signs, wet surfaces, uneven walkway, no railing, etc.)
  • Witnesses that can corroborate your series of events

While it may be difficult to remember to obtain all of this information, it can help with your personal injury case. Many times, having witnesses, such as other patrons, confirm the condition of the location can go a very long way in backing up your case.

Do I Contact My Insurance Or A Lawyer First After A Car Accident?

Whenever you are injured, you should seek medical attention. Adequate medical care will depend on your insurance.

While you can get treatment before pursuing a personal injury case, contacting a personal injury attorney is best for guidance. Your attorney can advise you on the next steps in preparing for litigation, but they are not medical professionals.

A personal injury attorney will be able to tell you what records would be best for your case and secure expert testimony from your doctor. This kind of confirmation of injuries will testify to your pain and suffering. It provides excellent evidence in your case.

Always seek medical treatment first. In settling personal injury cases, reimbursement or payment for future or ongoing medical treatments is often sought.

The Law Offices Of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C.: Helping San Francisco County, CA Clients Get Justice

Personal Injury Lawyer, San Francisco County, CA

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a pending personal injury case? Call our firm today!

Are you searching for an experienced personal injury lawyer in San Francisco County, CA? The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. can assist you with your case. We have served clients for over thirty years, helping them receive the justice they deserve.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, it is never too early to speak with a lawyer. You may be due other damages even if you’ve received medical treatment. Ailments can last longer than the incident, making returning to your everyday life difficult. It is essential to have a legal team fighting for you so that you can get the total compensation you are entitled to.

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