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Is your personal injury case stressing you out? We've got you!

Personal injury cases often involve a host of issues. First, there is the initial shock of injury. Then, there is the confusion about what steps to take next. Sometimes, it can feel like an uphill battle that you won’t win. Giving up is hardly ever the answer.

The justice that you are seeking for your injury is due to you. Having a solid legal team backing you up will make all the difference. The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. has been practicing law for over 30 years. With our specialization in personal injury, we can guide you through the more challenging aspects of your case.

You know better than anyone what your new normal should feel like. Once you’ve determined that you are ready for it, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Will Pre-Litigation Help My Personal Injury Case?

Before your case goes to trial or goes before a judge, you are in the pre-litigation phase. This phase is concerned with gathering information about your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer, Marin County, CA

Generally, information collected centers on:

  • Facts about the occurrence of the incident
  • Injuries stemming from incident
  • Medical treatment sought
  • Gathering witnesses to provide testimony

When you are involved in pre-litigation, you haven’t filed an official lawsuit yet. If you're in Marin County, CA, you will have secured The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. as your legal counsel, and we will work through the facts of your case!

During this phase, we will also establish the settlement we’ll be seeking. Remember, there are different types of damages awarded in personal injury cases.

When Will I Get My Personal Injury Settlement?

There are several different types of personal injury cases, so the time it takes to reach a settlement will vary. Some cases settle in only a few months, while others could take a year or more.

Still, the settlement amount doesn’t depend on how long the case takes. As obvious as it may seem, your personal injury case isn’t as cut and dry as you might assume. Often, outlying factors or special circumstances can make a case more difficult.

More complex personal injury cases may take longer to reach a settlement. For Marin County, CA clients, the statute of limitations to file lawsuits for personal injury cases is two years if the injury was immediately found. If the injury in question took longer to diagnose, it is one year from the date of discovery.

Personal Injury Lawyer, Marin County, CA

For example, if you suffered a slip & fall at a restaurant. If your doctor didn’t link that fall as the cause until one year later, you’d have one year to file a lawsuit. What if that establishment closed? Or maybe you brushed off the incident entirely, so you didn’t report it. These circumstances will make pursuing damages much harder.

Nevertheless, The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C., believes that you should always seek justice if you've been wronged. We will be with you every step of the way to reach an appropriate remedy.

The Law Offices Of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C.: Personal Injury Firm Serving Marin County, CA

Your fight is our fight! Get the legal team you need by calling The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C.

Are you seeking a skilled and patient personal injury attorney in Marin County, CA? The Law Offices of Louis G. Beary & Associates, P.C. can help you with your case! We want to help you settle your personal injury case so you can get back to living. With a custom-fit strategic legal action plan, we can help you reach the desired outcome.

It’s important to remember that no two personal injury cases are the same. An integral component of any strong case is having a competent and dedicated legal team on your side. We want to help you reach an efficient and adequate settlement.

If you’re ready for a one-on-one consultation, give us a call at (844) 777-1434 today!

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